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What Clients say about Omega is incredibly important to our business. However, we have all seen examples of ratings gone wild on websites where people rate their experiences using 1-5 stars or provide quotes that are written to serve as marketing material for the website instead of providing objective reports about the service or product rated. So readers remain skeptical that what they read is really the truth. 

So here is the truth:

Omega is currently completing around 200 separate projects per year. We have several key clients who return to have us bid and perform their work on a recurring basis, and we could feasibly do more work for them if we put more crews into the field. But we are not as concerned with size as delivering consistent quality at a fair price in a fair time-frame. To our existing clients who return to us to bid more of your work we believe you have said all you need to say about our work. Thanks for your repeat business. If you are a prospective new client, take note of the fact that our existing clients return to us to do more and more work for them and there must be a good reason.