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Green Hand

Omega performs general construction work for the telecommunications industry.   This includes installing new wireless (cellular) towers and monopoles, modifying existing towers and monopoles, and performing a wide range of installation and upgrade work for wireless carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, Boingo, Utility Companies, and other service providers).  The Green Hand is part of an Antenna & Line or Tower Modification crew, and travels with the crew to perform work on these projects.   Initially the work performed by the Green Hand may be on the ground, however our goal is to get the Green Hand on the tower(s) as quickly as this can be safely accomplished.   Omega will train and certify (Comtrain) this employee to climb and to perform work on towers within a few weeks after hiring.

Most of Omega’s work involves tower climbing and/or installing antennas and other electronic systems on cell towers, buildings, water towers and other structures, and installing or configuring ground-based systems adjacent to the towers and on building rooftops.  These antenna structures are most often in the 80 feet to 190 feet height range, however, they can extend to 400 or 500 feet in height.  Work may include erecting new steel, installing bracing and reinforcements, installing or replacing antenna mounts and platforms, installing antennas, lines, and radios, testing the lines and equipment operation, and activating them for service.  While much of the work is performed using winches and blocks to lift the equipment and tower pieces, Omega does use cranes with and without crew baskets for heavy lifts and for jobs where there is no way for the crews to manually climb the structure(s).

The work requires good physical health and stamina, as crews may work outside for 8-10 hours per day, and will climb up, down and across towers to get the work done.   Standing on step pegs or on structural steel members for 5-10 hours per day is typical.  Work is done 12 months per year, so some jobs will be completed in rain, sleet and/or snow, so long as the work can be safely performed.

Experienced climbers are typically onboarded as “Tower Hands” whereas inexperienced (new) climbers are typically onboarded as ‘Green Hands.”  If you are an experienced climber please refer to our position posting for “Tower Hands.”

Green Hands should possess a basic familiarity with construction processes and tools, to include using all types of manual tools, electric drills and punches, portable bandsaws, magnetic drills, etc, to build and assemble things.    Specific familiarity with electronic test gear (such as Anritsu) is especially desirable.  Specific experience working on construction sites performing commercial, industrial or military construction in a safe manner is preferred.

Omega will train the Green Hand to perform construction and assembly work on towers and while suspended from structures using specialized climbing and safety gear.

This position will be ideal for someone who enjoys working outdoors in all seasons, can withstand cold and heat, who likes construction, can tolerate heights, and wants to work as part of a highly qualified tower team.  It also helps if you like travel and completing projects every 1-6 weeks.

Work hours depend on the crew and weather, however, most days work should commence between 7AM and 7:30AM local time and run about 9-10 hours.   Some overtime will be required and periodic weekend work may be necessary depending on crew schedules.  This is a full time role, estimated at 50-60 hours/week average.  If this sounds like a fit, let us know immediately.  If you are current or ex-military we would especially love to hear from you.