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Omega performs general construction work for the telecommunications industry.   This includes installing new wireless (cellular) towers and monopoles, modifying existing towers and monopoles, and performing a wide range of installation and upgrade work for wireless carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, Boingo, Utility Companies, and other service providers) on the ground and on towers.  The Electrician’s Helper is part of a Civil crew, and travels with the crew to perform work on these projects.   The Civil crew installs ground-based and rooftop-based systems such as wireless base stations, tower foundations, equipment platforms, standby power and DC power systems, grounding and cabling systems, etc.

The Helper will join an existing Civil crew and will work alongside 2-4 other crewmembers to complete all manner of work as required for each job. This includes installing or modifying 120/240V AC power services and 48V DC equipment power systems, installing equipment racks and equipment cabinets, and assisting with general construction which will include some amount of earthwork, concrete pads, etc.  The helper will trench and install grounding systems, conduits, wiring, cable trapezes, cable tray and cable ladder, electrical devices, GPS systems, step-down transformers, panelboards and switchgear, generator systems, DC batteries and rectifiers, DC breakers and bussing, lighting and security systems as required for each job.  Additionally the helper will install and power up wireless electronic equipment and will assist with foundations, platforms and other site construction work.   Work will be performed with or under the supervision of a licensed electrician.  Most work will be performed outdoors at ground level and on building rooftops, but individual jobs will require indoors work.  Work is year-around and performed whenever site and weather conditions permit.

Ideally the helper or journeyman will have from 1-5 years experience working with or under a licensed electrician, gaining significant experience installing different types and sizes of conduits, pulling and terminating wires, and following electrical drawings and one-line diagrams building commercial electrical distribution systems.  The minimum qualifications include 1-5 years performing general construction work outdoors, a willingness and aptitude to follow instructions and to learn how to build these systems, attention to detail, and team-based focus where it is understood that all team members contribute to helping the team complete all of its work on schedule and to required quality standards.  Aptitude and attitude are more important for this role than deep electrical experience.  Ability to work effectively within a crew each day is imperative.

Travel is required.   Omega is based in Aberdeen, NC, and the Civil crew travels around the Carolinas and mid Atlantic area performing work that requires staying in different locations each week.  All crewmembers typically travel together in Omega crew trucks.  Travel expenses are paid by Omega.  If the promise of a steady job with a well-established and respected general contractor excites your interest please contact us immediately.  We are hiring right now and want to fill this position as soon as possible.

This position will be ideal for someone who enjoys working outdoors in all seasons, can withstand cold and heat, who likes construction, has a basic understanding of electrical construction or an aptitude for it, and wants to work as part of a highly qualified Civil team.  It also helps if you like travel and completing projects every 1-6 weeks.

Work hours depend on the crew and weather, however, most days work should commence between 7AM and 7:30AM local time and run about 9-10 hours.   Some overtime will be required and periodic weekend work may be necessary depending on crew schedules.  This is a full time role, estimated at 50-60 hours/week average.  If this sounds like a fit, let us know immediately.  If you are current or ex-military we would especially love to hear from you.